Some of our many musical contributions from across the Globe…

Some songs for you by some of the many artists who have supported us over the year… We are honoured to have them onboard… enjoy! – Help us send this video worldwide for World Homeless Day (10.10.11)! Visit Indie Go Go to find out more. A Music Video devised & realized by homeless Londoners. An open cinema production 2010.

This Billboard-winning song inspires hope that we can end world homelessness. Wanna help? Find a local shelter and donate towels, gloves, hats, toothpaste etc. Little things go a long way. (, Blue Meridian Music, 2010)

The Choir with No Name is made up of people who’ve experienced homelessness. This is our very first music video, by music vid director Chris Cottam To find out more and buy our debut album go to


John Mellencamp adding his support

And needless to worry there are many more treats in store in support of WHD 2011..
Just watch this space…

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  1. PenPen says:

    All of these seem better than mainstream stuff pushed on the BBC, Daily Mail etc!

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