Greetings and a joyous holiday season to all!

On behalf of everyone involved with World Homeless Day, we would like to thank you for all your support, efforts and kind words.

As we enter 2011, we are faced with a growing crisis. Homelessness has increased by 9% in the USA — indeed; internationally, if we are to believe the ‘official figures’, more people than ever in living memory are facing homelessness. The official figures are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the real numbers that those of us directly involved with the streets realize on a daily basis.

We again this year with your help, intend to make our voices even louder in unity, than ever Globally…

This year, in a relatively short period of time, we were able to develop a globally recognized campaign that inspired action on all seven continents — and even in the virtual world! This has added to our confidence that we can change perceptions and improve situations.

We hope (and know!) that with your help and support we can make this simple campaign even larger and louder. It is essential that just for one day, 10-10, we can bring attention to the plight of those vulnerable and affected by homelessness. This is more than a ‘one day campaign’; rather, it is the start of a process of communication and support to all concerned with homelessness on a daily basis…

It may seem seem a large ask, but in reality we have proven it is not. We have made worldwide connections that work closely together to raise issues that must be brought to a wider audience. Not a passive audience, but a group of people across the globe who are working toward a common simple aim: the eradication of homelessness and the conditions that cause it. This is a ‘human made’ situation; therefore, it can be combated by people who are willing to make that small difference.

Homelessness does not describe a type of person, but a housing situation. It’s a state – not a trait!

As we enter 2011, we are not willing to allow any more people to die on our streets due to preventable circumstances. Along the way we may ruffle the feathers of establishment institutions or groups demonstrating a lack of action; this is unavoidable as we attempt to make the voices emanating from our streets heard loudly and clearly.

For the first time in history we attempt to work together for our common goal in a democratic model: all are equal and everyone’s opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. I would encourage all who wish to get involved in our 2011 planning group to please contact us as we build towards 10-10-11.

Time to think outside the cardboard box and stand united with our streets — after all, we are all teetering on the edge…

All the very best and a happy New Year,
WHD Steering Group

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One Response to Greetings and a joyous holiday season to all!

  1. Stephen Blumstein says:

    Well, it’s like this. I have been homeless since Dec. 10th of last year when the bailiffs came and kicked me out for beating up a skinner neighbour of mine who spends his time kissing the landlord’s ass. So you can count me in when it comes to any political action to raise public consciousness about the terribly restrictive and painful conditions under which homeless people are living here in the great city of Vancouver, home of Gregor Robertson, Jennt Wai Ching Kwan and Gordon Campbell, three self-appointed champions of the poor who have claimed to have committed more than 200 million dollars for us, yet there are no homes for us at the Olympic Village, none at any of the 200 listings I have called since last December, but lots of fucken lip service about how important families are from people like Christy Clark.
    Remember her, the one who took the teachers bargaining rights away, and now her cronies are emailing me hoping I will join her party when I am a self-proclaimed anarchist with a family history of relatives who were pure communists, just like my Dad, a C.P.P. member who shot down Nazi planes in Germany, and made the world safe for people like Libby Davies, born in the city of London, England, exactly where my Dad’s bofers gun was set up to eliminate the Blitzkrieg.
    By the way, these politicians, and that includes the presently bifurcated N.D.P., they have all kinds of options available to them with their fat cat salaries over $100, 000 a year, and whatever perks they get for their staff, no matter how meagre, and their car allowances, and their meals. And, they just, and I’m quoting a party secretary now, “want Steve Blumstein to fade away”. No f’n chance of that, because my role has been clear ever since I first set foot on the S.F.U. Burnaby campus to study and graduate in criminology: 4 years of university, 4 years in the penitentiary, and the rest of my life working as a privatized public servant in social services and community corrections.
    On New Year’s eve, I spent time on a bus headed to the Fraser Correctional Facility in Maple Ridge voicing my concerns with other anti-prison activists, (just like my mentor Claire Culhane) and many many others all around the world, about the criminal justice enterprise’s criminal activities warehousing mostly aboriginal prisoners on what should have been the greatest night of the year. And you know what ? We made noise, with party favours and rap music, and the prisoners heard us, so I’m sure there’s hope now to stir the rage in the machine pot even further, until the public gets the message that homelessness is just a euphemism for social control, and the whole downtown Eastside now is full of new rehabilitation programs, old houses with new locks and bars on their windows, for the thankless addicts, physically and sexually abused street workers, underage teenage prostitutes, parolees on the lam, and W.H.Y.. Oh yeah, social control has taken on a new set of clothes, and has now been “rehabilitated” and metamorphosized into the largest prison in Vancouver, and it is called Strathcona.

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