USA Homeless Marathon

The Homelessness Marathon is an annual 14-hour radio broadcast featuring the voices and stories of homeless people from around the United States. Segments for this broadcast are produced by community radio stations across the country and live call-ins happen all night long via a national toll-free number. Topics to be covered include: the impact of foreclosures on homelessness, results of a new study of homeless mortality, homeless teens, and new technologies for safe, inexpensive, and legal shelter.
The 14th Annual Homelessness Marathon will originate from Kansas City, MO, with the broadcast on WPKN commencing at 10:00 PM on the evening of February 23, 2011, and ending at 9:00 AM on the morning of February 24th. Host locations in Kansas City are a couple of organizations that have been active in addressing the homelessness issue there: Care of Poor People, Inc. and Hope Faith Ministries. The host station this year is Kansas City’s 100,000 watt community radio station, KKFI.
A full schedule of the planned segments and scheduled discussions can be found here

(Note that all times on that schedule are Central, not Eastern.) Beginning Wednesday, February 23 at 10:00 PM and continuing all night until Thursday, February 24 at 9:00 AM

Click image to listen to Marathon

You can also follow the broadcast and comment on twitter by using hashtag #hmkc  @homelessradio or follow them on facebook

There are two call-in numbers for the Homelessness Marathon:

  • Anyone, housed or homeless can call 877-NOBODY-8 (877-662-6398)
  • If you are homeless, formerly homeless or afraid you’re about to be homeless, you can also call 866-LEFT-OUT (866-533-8688)
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15 Responses to USA Homeless Marathon

  1. I live in the UK, I’ve been homeless for half my life [as well as taken just about every drug, narcotic, uper, downer, or liquor that exists] and now that I’m clean I can’t leave the blood house. Irony will fuck you every time. Can’t aford to send you any cash, but I do write a fuck load of ariticle and am working with a birmingham [UK] bassed drug service to help set up there user invlovment service 🙂

    Good luck with all the running 🙂

  2. Thick as Thieves says:

    If the homeless spent as much time building their own damn shelter and making their own damn money maybe we wouldn’t have crappy radio shows with them extolling their victimhood ?

    What a miserable website this is.

    • Patricia says:

      Dear Thick as Thieves,
      If your statement was true, maybe you can explain the reasoning behind the hundreds of thousands of Veterans who served in the United States Military who are currently homeless. My best advice for you is until you have walked in the shoes of a homeless person you haven’t a clue on what it feels like. Maybe you should try living as a homeless person for a week then get back to us and let us know how your experience went. For those of you who are homeless my thoughts and prayers are with you.

      • tina says:

        why do people who have no concept of being without feel like it is their perogative to berate others who need a step up. Stop being mean

    • an'itch spinal says:

      excuse me!!! if your not interested, if this issue annoys you as much as it seems, how about you take youR venom elsewhere. This is not the place! As to your suggestion about homeless people taking control of there own destiny, many are. Try researching what is going down in the Homeless communities of the world and you’ll see a very resourceful and creative group of people working extremely hard against a very inhumane issue. Support is needed not anger, stereotyping or predjudice. After all ‘IT COULD BE YOU ONE DAY!!!’

      • Thick as Thieves says:

        Don’t think so. Self-employed, sober, no relationships to blame for my woes. Babes, Bucks, Banking. I got the lot.

        You get what you deserve in this life – if you guys wanna spend it lapping up other peoples hard luck bullshit as you serve them soup and pat them lovingly on the head – hell – that’s up to you. Work your ass off providing for what nature would let die if the dimocrat gubermint didn’t need these saps for vote fodder.

        Just don’t expect me to call it “worthwhile charity” cause it ain’t. Homelessness don’t need a house, it don’t need hope, it needs a job, a wash, and a new attitude. Houses are for hardworking people… not lazy scum… not in my neighbourhood.

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  4. invisbull says:

    I say bravo for letting an already marginalized portion of society have an outlet. Most homeless want to work, if work is available. Of course you’ll get some individuals that want to play the victim but their numbers are rather small. What’s pathetic are the NIMBY attitudes born out of sheer ignorance on the facts of homelessness. Willing ignorance is always pathetic….

  5. Ghyslain says:

    couragous vagabond singer now ! I’ve been lost homeless few stretch in my life …

    So I’m involve of homeless situation near Montreal qc ca
    my profile on is pianoman …

    I would like to listen this radio from kansas is it broadcast by internet ?

  6. angela says:

    Children should not be homeless. I know of three families-single parent families where the spouse ran out-who are now living in shelters. The parents worked at night while the teen took care of the younger sibling. Parents can’t work effectively and worry at the same time. Eventually, car troubles or child illness forced joblessness on these families. I know of at least 3 other families where the parents work at night. Kids run amok in the streets of the neighborhood. Which is preferable? minimum wage night time jobs or unemployed and homeless? What a cycle.

  7. Everything is possible, but 1st we need to make a room in our Heart for Homeless

  8. Scott says:

    my name is Scott and I am ‘campaigning’ for my new movie project. I am a local homeless success story and my first movie was featured in The Oregonian, Streetroots, and is now on the shelves of the Multnomah County Library ! My next movie will bring hope and great things into the lives of four homeless folks and many people in PDX and I need your help. Please visit my upcoming project page on Kickstarter. You may also watch my first movie on my website.

    Feel free to tell others about this also.

    Thank you so much !


    *add me as a friend if you like 🙂

    My New Movie Project :

    See my website here :

    Article in The Oregonian:

    Article in Streetroots :

  9. In Venice Beach California there are Estimated 1700 Homeless kids,Veterans,adults,handicapped,and mentally challenged people who are not all drug users and will jump at the CHANCE to work. July 23rd & 24th We are having a “WALK FOR HOMELESS” with a two (2) Day FREE CONCERT IN VENICE. We will be FEEDING THE HOMELESS for FREE all weekend at 517 Ocean Front Walk 90294. PENNY DONATION can be made to help with food for this Event by mailing to Anthony Perez P O Box 1035 Venice Ca. 90294. Please check out the website for more info. 20 Bands, FOOD and Family fun for everyone. Don’t forget to check out “THE 47 PROMISES FOR YOUR PENNY!!! We also accept clothing every weekend at the above address as we are Feeding every weekend. 310.619.3885

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