Letter to all the Tea Party patriots of America..

Like a modern day Paul Revere I travel across our country calling the British are coming, the British are coming, although this time it is a much more sinister enemy that is coming to take our country.

I was the assistant curator of Old South Meeting House for several years during the bicentennial sharing the story of the Boston Tea Party to visitors and scholars. After working at Old South I was employed by the National Park Service and lectured at Bunker Hill and other revolutionary sites for two years.  The Sons of Liberty organized the rally 1773 at Old South and marched to the harbor dumping tea into the bay to protest “taxation without representation.”

Shortly after the December 16, 1773 Tea Party my Great Grandfather’s Great Grandfather James McHenry was recruited by Benjamin Rush to join in the resistance and in June 1775 McHenry traveled from Philadelphia to Cambridge Port in Massachusetts to organize a field hospital. The Sons of Liberty asked McHenry to prepare to receive wounded patriots who may be injured in the battle at Breeds Hill in Charlestown which today we call the Battle of Bunker Hill. McHenry met George Washington during this time. McHenry was on Washington staff during the revolution, was jailed by the British, signed the United States Constitution and was Secretary of War under Washington and Adams. As Secretary of War he was the founder of the United States military.

Once again America is faced with the problem of  “Taxation without Representation” by unelected corporate leaders controlling our government. The Citizens United Supreme Court Case has provided an opportunity for corporate rulers to buy every election and has erased the democratic ideals of our founding fathers of “one person one vote” from American Democracy. How many Americans can pay millions to run a candidate for office or buy the votes of legislators?   In 1773 the King of England was taxing the colony to pay for his war against France. Today transnational corporate executives are buying politicians and legislation that is transferring our tax dollars into their off shore bank accounts. Taxation with out representation that could threaten our democracy if we don’t take action today.

The Tea Party has been manipulated by billionaires who inherited their wealth from families that exploited the American people to build their fortunes and extracted the nations resources at our expense. The platform created by these billionaires without your input will harm the rank in file of the Tea Party, transferring your taxes to these unelected secret rulers. Increases in military spending are directing your Social Security and Medicaid towards corrupt contractors unaccountable to the public. Unaccountable to the honest Tea party supporters like yourself.

America is fast becoming a failed state and if the unelected leaders of your Tea Party succeed, the United States will be looted and doomed to a future where only the wealthiest survive behind their gated walls or off shore in one of their mansions too many to count as John McCain admitted during the Palin/McCain run for our highest office.

Do you really believe that privatizing social security will guarantee the retirement of Americans? If you have a 401 K plan or know of anyone who does you can see that for yourself that you will be doomed to work until the day you die if social security is eliminated. The people that control the Tea Party eliminated the jobs of millions of Americans seeking the lowest wages in placed like Asia and Latin America. They drove up the cost of medical care to the highest level on earth forcing Americans to often trade their homes for healthcare. Taxpayers bailed out the leaders of the Tea Party when they looted the stock market and drove credit card rates and bank over drafts to rates forcing families into poverty. Over 40 million families depend on food stamps because of the policies implemented by the Tea Party leaders and their friends. Mortgages are under water and over three million families face foreclosure on their homes each year. The economy is in a wreak and if the Tea Party is able to achieve all its goals America will be a failed state.

As an American patriot with a family history of defending our country I urge you to take back the Tea Party and redirect its platform to return the United States to a democracy. Our national deficit is caused by the transfer of our taxes to the richest half of a percent of corporate leaders, the very men that have attempted to enlist us in their campaign to cut state and federal funding for education, healthcare and social security.

A country of homeless, unemployed, uneducated and unhealthy can not survive long. Share this letter with your Tea Party friends and organize a campaign to remove the billionaires like the Koch brothers from your leadership. The speak for us yet provide no funding for our local efforts.  We see that the leadership is relying on dishonesty and threats of violence to continue their campaign to seize the commonwealth of our nation. We can’t stand with people that are so ruthless.

End taxation without representation and support policies that will bring real security and democracy to the United States. We can see that people all over the world are rising up against the global austerity program forced on the public by the leaders of the Tea Party and their dictator friends over seas. From Ireland to Egypt, to England, Greece, Libya to Oman, Iraq and Iran people are organizing to end the greedy policies of the ruling elite. We all struggle to pay our bills and are fearful of the future. A true democracy free from international corporate financing is urgently needed.

Join the uprising today before it is too late. Unite with all workers and don’t let the corporate rulers divide us into liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat. We are being robbed by both parties. Rush, Beck and O’Reilly speak for the billionaires not for us.  Groups like Americans For Prosperity and The Club For Growth don’t support the American people and are promoting policies that are destroying our country redirecting our tax dollars to the bank account of a few super wealthy families that do not share our love for our country. We are all sinking together so talk with your liberal friends and organize to end the corporate strangle hold on or media, government and future.  Don’t let America become a failed state.

Thank you so much for your consideration and time. God save America! God save the world!

Jonathan Keith McHenry

Great grand son of the great grand son of Doctor James McHenry signer of the U.S. Constitution and former Secretary of War under Washington and Adams. Father’s father was a medic in the trenches of  Europe in World War I, Mother’s father was OSS officer in Burma during World War II. I was born in West Germany while my father was stationed with the Third Armored Division with Elvis Presley


You can contact me at Jonathan McHenry jonathanmchenry@me.com or by calling toll free at 1-800-84-1136


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6 Responses to Letter to all the Tea Party patriots of America..

  1. Rev. Cynthia says:

    Thanks so much for a very informative article! It was really helpful to have an explanation of what is going on behind the political scenes.

    However, I am not exactly sure about your final position concerning the Tea Party. It sounded like you were simply suggesting that they (along w/ all political parties) get rid of their corporate sponsors.

    Also, although I understand how this article relates to poverty & you did mention homelessness in passing, as this is a “World Homeless Day” blog, I would like to see a more clearly defined connection to that event. And, perhaps suggestions as to how people can use “World Homeless Day” to take specific steps toward making positive changes.

    Blessings along the journey…
    Rev. Cynthia

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  3. Rev. Cynthia says:

    If folks want to take action, here’s a link (be sure to watch the film): http://democracyisforpeople.org/

  4. Thick as Turnips says:

    Is this some kind of Socialist outlet?

    • Rev. Cynthia says:

      Do you mean this blog? I think you will undoubtedly find several Activists reading & posting here. Please feel free to share your thoughts…

  5. Dolores says:

    A country of homeless, unemployed, uneducated and unhealthy can not survive long.
    In any country in the world..but that is the world the billionaires or whoever appear to be trying to create globally.
    And YES!!! we the MEEK do need to take back OUR countries from these ruthless in- human robots, who think it is alright to plunder the world’s resources and economies for themselves.

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